The Allure of the Woolen Tie

Let’s face it.  You’ve watched Boiler Room.  Over and over again.  And if you are an 80’s brainchild, several more times than that.  Intentional or inadvertently, you were energized by the slick and illegal dealings of the characters on screen. … Read More ›

Pocket Squares

When was the last time you strutted your stuff with a pocket square?  While the pocket square is a great men’s accessory, it is not as often worn with suits as it could be.  The pocket handkerchief, or pocket square as most… Read More ›

Oppa Gingham Style!

While the steady popularity in both the vintage and modern sense of Gingham pales in comparison to the rocket like surge of its doppleganger name, Gingham style shirts nonetheless continue to be a popular item of choice for the modern… Read More ›

Bespoke Unclothed

Before we begin with the hoopla surrounding the notion of bespoke clothing, lets delve into the unanswered – Where did the term ‘bespoke’ come from?  The term was first used to indicate that an item of clothing had been ‘spoken’… Read More ›