Don’t sweat the small stuff

Jackets.  Tuxedos.  Woolen.  Plaid. Tweed.  Options abound during the Fall and Winter Season for men’s formalwear fashion.  Layering affords us the luxury of showing off the repertoire of clothing our wardrobes house, and builds on what can often be limited… Read More ›

Finer Details of a Suit

So I’ve explored and vigorously hammered home the essentials of bespoke tailoring more times than Paris Hilton has denied fabricating sex tapes (actually, did she ever deny the blatantly obvious?), Bill Clinton had dismissed sexual relations with an unassuming intern… Read More ›

Pocket Squares

When was the last time you strutted your stuff with a pocket square?  While the pocket square is a great men’s accessory, it is not as often worn with suits as it could be.  The pocket handkerchief, or pocket square as most… Read More ›

Well dressed men

Ok.  So now that we’ve gone through some male celebrities that have dressed fairly poorly, let’s take a look at celebrities that are spot on.  Color coordination.  Check.  Quality of clothing. Check.  Charisma to hold it all together.  Check. And… Read More ›

Seersucker Suits

What does one do when the enervating heat is so ridiculous it makes Miami’s recent 27 game winning streak look cold in comparison?  When Mr. Freeze from the old Batman franchise couldn’t help you cool down if you paid him… Read More ›

The Ace of Spades

A visit to the right tailor should pave the path to being dressed like royalty. But to be dressed like a King, you need to have an Ace up your sleeves. With that said, here is an outline of how… Read More ›

Timeless pieces

The necktie is a vehicle of expression, a status symbol and a statement of masculinity, all at once.  While men have started to become more expressive with their clothing in the casual wear arena, and their attention to detail with… Read More ›

Socker Punch

How awesome would it be if we lived in a world where it was considered fashionable to don the perfect suit, top it off with a beautiful tie, and finish it off like this: I mean – seriously awesome.  You… Read More ›

Oppa Gingham Style!

While the steady popularity in both the vintage and modern sense of Gingham pales in comparison to the rocket like surge of its doppleganger name, Gingham style shirts nonetheless continue to be a popular item of choice for the modern… Read More ›

Tailor Muffed

As much as I avoid clichés, I can’t here.  Finding the right tailor is truly like searching for a needle in a haystack.  A bespoke tailor, by trade, is supposed to be an individual that treats his product with compassion,… Read More ›

Bespoke Unclothed

Before we begin with the hoopla surrounding the notion of bespoke clothing, lets delve into the unanswered – Where did the term ‘bespoke’ come from?  The term was first used to indicate that an item of clothing had been ‘spoken’… Read More ›