The Allure of the Woolen Tie

Let’s face it.  You’ve watched Boiler Room.  Over and over again.  And if you are an 80’s brainchild, several more times than that.  Intentional or inadvertently, you were energized by the slick and illegal dealings of the characters on screen. … Read More ›

What type of Tie Knot do I wear?

Apologies to readers for the slight delay with frequency of posting in this last week.  Concurrently with this post, I have worked extensively on the blog’s first ever newsletter – a 27 page detailed insight into neckties!  Please feel free… Read More ›

Timeless pieces

The necktie is a vehicle of expression, a status symbol and a statement of masculinity, all at once.  While men have started to become more expressive with their clothing in the casual wear arena, and their attention to detail with… Read More ›

Cravats untied

While some men out there adore wearing suits as a fashion statement, there are some of us that simply wear it because we need to, for work, and as an extension of that, view the tie that we wear as… Read More ›