Finer Details of a Suit

So I’ve explored and vigorously hammered home the essentials of bespoke tailoring more times than Paris Hilton has denied fabricating sex tapes (actually, did she ever deny the blatantly obvious?), Bill Clinton had dismissed sexual relations with an unassuming intern… Read More ›

Nuances of wearing a suit

Apologies for the delay between this and the previous article.  Last week was spent working with factories on necktie prototypes for my upcoming brand launch (more on that shortly! – sign up for our newsletter for further updates!). In articles… Read More ›

Summertime Suits and Colors

Summertime has knocked on our doors and aggressively walked in, and while some of us may have opted for Seersucker suits irrespective of geography, or decided to give linen suits a try, others have kept themselves rooted in traditional woolens. … Read More ›

Summer Suit Options

It’s that time of the year Gents.  Spring has knocked on our door and walked in, giant strides and all.  And summer is now around the corner.  As far back as we can remember, extra-long days of sun have triggered… Read More ›

Seersucker Suits

What does one do when the enervating heat is so ridiculous it makes Miami’s recent 27 game winning streak look cold in comparison?  When Mr. Freeze from the old Batman franchise couldn’t help you cool down if you paid him… Read More ›

The Ace of Spades

A visit to the right tailor should pave the path to being dressed like royalty. But to be dressed like a King, you need to have an Ace up your sleeves. With that said, here is an outline of how… Read More ›


Customizing your suit should not come with any caveats.  There are no limitations with a bespoke suit.  Get it done well, and get it done right.  A hallmark of a bespoke suit is the quality of fabrics that are often… Read More ›

Tailor Muffed

As much as I avoid clichés, I can’t here.  Finding the right tailor is truly like searching for a needle in a haystack.  A bespoke tailor, by trade, is supposed to be an individual that treats his product with compassion,… Read More ›

Bespoke Unclothed

Before we begin with the hoopla surrounding the notion of bespoke clothing, lets delve into the unanswered – Where did the term ‘bespoke’ come from?  The term was first used to indicate that an item of clothing had been ‘spoken’… Read More ›