10 Essential items shorter men should consider when dressing up

We all want to dress to accentuate that which we want to highlight, and ‘cover up’ that which we do not want to expose. So now we understand the motives behind Jean Claude Van Damme’s Spandex. It is hard to argue against when one of the most polarizing figures in the B film industry has almost made this choice of clothing seem legitimate. I mean, if you were a former male ballet dancer, you would be wearing Spandex to expose your ‘ C’ cup too. In a similar vein, heftier men want to dress to look slim, and shorter men want to look taller or at least down play stockiness, so as to increase perceived height. So without further ado, here are our top recommendations , just as we did with taller men, what shorter men can take into consideration to minimize height discrepancies, all while accentuating flair and a passion for style:

1.  Try and strut vertical patterns. Vertical stripes will reduce horizontal lines and highlight vertical lines, thereby helping you look both slimmer, and by association taller. Horizontal patterns, on the other hand, will have one looking more stocky and force the observer’s attention from left to right as opposed to top to bottom.

Striped Shirts help accentuate vertical lines for shorter men

Striped Shirts help accentuate vertical lines for shorter men

2.  Develop a liking for smaller patterns. While window pane suits look great on taller, skinnier men so as to increase perceived width, as shorter men, one wants to choose a finer gingham or smaller checkered pattern. Again, the goal here is to detract from larger designs that make you look broader, and hence, accentuate height differences.

Smaller checkered patterns like Gingham help detract from height

Smaller checkered patterns like Gingham help detract from height

3.  Try tapered clothes! There has been a recent surge in interest in bespoke tailoring for a reason. Clothes that fit just make us look better and feel more confident. Plus, baggier, looser clothes make one look bigger and broader.

4. Pay attention to proportion. Accessories such as watches, belts and ties should be on the narrower side. If you are shorter and heavy, avoid wearing a skinny tie. That will accentuate weight!

5. When wearing a suit, opt for a single breasted two or three button jacket.

6.  Jacket Fit is crucial, since every detail – sleeve length, jacket length and pant length will make you look that much more sophisticated and well dressed. Center or side vents will add a vertical line, where as pocket flaps and wider lapels will not.

side vent jackets

7.  When wearing a sports jacket, try to ensure minimal contrast between the jacket and trousers, so that you have a longer, seamless look.

8.  Shirt collars that are best for you are straight point, button down or tab collars. Straight point collars help to draw away from your width and add length to your body.

narrow collar

9.  Lighter or medium weight fabrics will help draw attention away from your height!

10.  If you do opt for pant cuffs, try and go with narrower cuffs – 1 to 1.25 inches instead of 1.5 to 2.0 inches.

And that’s a wrap for this one! As always, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Excellent last few blog posts, both shared on Facebook. I can’t directly share your blog posts onto Facebook or any social media though, this could be a thing with my filters and AdBlock Plus/ScriptBlocker, but if you had taken out the sharing feature from blog posts, I motion for you to add those options back on, unless you really want to keep the blog exclusive. I’ll check my filters again to see if anything is getting blocked when I open your emails though. and keep it up, I hope this sale goes well

    • Thank you for your feedback Tad. Always appreciated! We do have the facebook and social media sharing buttons, it’s just that they’ve been moved to the very bottom of our posts, after our recommended ties from The Dark Knot have been displayed. I wish I could have the buttons moved up, but that will have to come at a later date when I have hired a programmer to reconfigure the layout of the social media button sharing placement. Hope the sale goes well too! Thanks again for all of your feedback Tad!

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