Month: July 2013

Summertime Suits and Colors

Summertime has knocked on our doors and aggressively walked in, and while some of us may have opted for Seersucker suits irrespective of geography, or decided to give linen suits a try, others have kept themselves rooted in traditional woolens. … Read More ›

Pocket Squares

When was the last time you strutted your stuff with a pocket square?  While the pocket square is a great men’s accessory, it is not as often worn with suits as it could be.  The pocket handkerchief, or pocket square as most… Read More ›

What to look for in a Tuxedo

The time has come.  You’ve finally been invited to your first black tie event.  And no, contrary to what the term implies, the requirement is usually for a tuxedo (though some do get away with wearing a regular, black colored… Read More ›