Month: June 2013

Summer Suit Options

It’s that time of the year Gents.  Spring has knocked on our door and walked in, giant strides and all.  And summer is now around the corner.  As far back as we can remember, extra-long days of sun have triggered… Read More ›

What type of Tie Knot do I wear?

Apologies to readers for the slight delay with frequency of posting in this last week.  Concurrently with this post, I have worked extensively on the blog’s first ever newsletter – a 27 page detailed insight into neckties!  Please feel free… Read More ›

Suit options for a Summer Wedding

So you’ve popped the question and were beyond emphatic when she said yes (hopefully!).  You’ve scrutinized every wedding detail down to the most minute. Guest lists. Food. Booze selection. Venue.  But you’re still tentative on what to wear?  What, I… Read More ›