What different color ties mean

So far, some of my content has focused largely on how to mix and match ties so that our patterns and clothing colors are coordinated and we look like we have our stuff together. However, what can be equally important is the type of message that we are trying to portray with the colors that we are wearing – what are we conveying about our personality? For example, red ties demonstrate power and confidence – I mean, seriously, who doesn’t love this guy, or as John McEnroe would say “YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS”!

Donald Trump Red Tie 1

Donald Trump is one of the few men who attracts attention i.e notoriety, for his self-promoting bravado and his generally outlandish demeanor and dress sense, and more importantly, coiff!  However, he does often wear red ties – he likes to show that he is in charge, and red ties can show his audience that he is an authoritative figure and in control.  I mean, seriously – if you were hosting the show ‘The Apprentice’ – wouldn’t you want to put people in their place?

Imagine kicking game looking like this!

Imagine kicking game looking like this!

That being said, let’s examine some common necktie colors and how we can use them to send a message about ourselves or to impact the environment of the room we are in based on occasion:

Red – Demonstrates authority and confidence, but also passion.  Red can be great for a boardroom meeting or any general meeting where you are trying to send a strong message about your vision for the company.  However, it can appear intimidating and so you want to balance your demeanor somewhat with the color of your clothing so as to get people aligned with your interests.

Black – Transmits elegance and confidence.  However, we usually tend to reserve black ties for black tie events or other more somber affairs.  However, having one in your wardrobe is always a good idea.

Grey – Grey ties are neutral, and will allow you to appear engaged but not overbearing.  Neutral, earth colors like grey can allow us to blend in easily without making people feel like we are invading their space.

Navy Blue – the color your typical Alpha Male likes to wear , signifies boldness and confidence.  Because most suits are navy blue or charcoal grey, navy blue ties often go very well with these combinations, and can be great for important corporate presentations, whether you are the main speaker or an attendee.

Light Blue – Signifies friendliness – sometimes we want to demonstrate ideas or messages while appearing to be conciliatory and willing to work with others.  People who opt for cooperation and collaboration as a way to move forward often like wearing lighter color ties.  It shows a willingness to work for others and step back on personal gain for the greater good of your team. Kobe Bryant loves light blue ties!

So there you have it.  Colors can truly be worn to reflect your personality or suit the occasion!  As always, comments are welcome!

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  1. I like ties with little animals instead

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