Month: May 2013

Well dressed men

Ok.  So now that we’ve gone through some male celebrities that have dressed fairly poorly, let’s take a look at celebrities that are spot on.  Color coordination.  Check.  Quality of clothing. Check.  Charisma to hold it all together.  Check. And… Read More ›


So, deviating slightly from regular content on this blog, I was watching the Bulls-Heat game this morning (Hong Kong time!), and couldn’t help but amuse myself at the ridiculous dopplegangers the two teams had with US celebrities.  So here we… Read More ›

Seersucker Suits

What does one do when the enervating heat is so ridiculous it makes Miami’s recent 27 game winning streak look cold in comparison?  When Mr. Freeze from the old Batman franchise couldn’t help you cool down if you paid him… Read More ›