Putting the ‘Significant’ back in ‘Significant Other’

Let’s face it ladies.  Clearing out your man’s wardrobe and replacing it with items of your choice trumps everything barring a tub of nutella!  So with that conveniently out of the way, let’s look at what kind of neckties you would like him to strut at your next wedding or charity dinner function.  Aside from the suggestions earlier in this blog regarding the mixing and matching of colors and patterns, what can really be of help is associating your significant other’s personality with certain colors on the color spectrum – and based on that, figuring out which tie you feel would help accentuate his personality!

If he is an alpha male – highly dominating and loves his competitive spirit, a bold red tie or a navy blue would help to accentuate that.  Both colors are strong and will attest to his dominating personality.  Both colors are bold – just like him!

If he is more reserved – if he’s generally quieter, and doesn’t mind mingling with a couple of people at the party but nothing more, a light blue tie might suit him.

If he’s friendly but more of a beta male – obviously don’t tell him you’ve read this blog if you’re using these tips to help dress him up!  No man, even the beta male, likes to be called a beta male!  A pink might suit him.  But then again, a pink could suit the alpha male as well.  Its not always so clear cut, but you could throw a pink or light blue tie on him, and they would be aligned with his personality.  A pink might go on an alpha male, but a navy blue tie probably wouldn’t suit your more laid back significant other.

Generally speaking, the bolder the color (and by that, I mean the physical boldness, not figuratively speaking e.g wearing pink is a bold statement), the better the match if your significant other is more of a dominating individual.

Conversely, the lighter the color, the better the match if other half is generally more laid back and easy going.  Again, these are just tips.  There aren’t always hard and fast rules in fashion.  But it can certainly be fun to pay attention to when helping you dress your man!

We all remember him:


……And him:


And based on that, I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.  Suggestions are welcome!

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