Brooks Brothers gift card giveaway (USD $50)

So I was going through a bunch of stuff I had put away for a couple months and came across a Brooks Brothers Gift Card!  And it was for a pretty good amount of value too – USD $50!  But fortunately or not, I have plenty of shirts.  And with my desire to build great content for this blog, I thought I’d engage you guys!  Submit in one paragraph or less on the comments section content that you would like me to write about, and I’ll give away the gift card to the person that comes up with what I feel is either the most relevant or creative content idea! 

I’ll be running this for another two weeks, and will send out the gift card on April 20th.  Feel free to share this with your friends! Ladies, this could be a good gift for your significant other!

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  1. Oh. Write about socks

  2. Great idea Jen. Thats definitely something I’ve been considering!

  3. Write about fashion over kill. I have this friend in Hong Kong who is over the top. Waxes his chest, eyebrows and who knows what else. He bathes in cologne, takes 3 hours to get ready for a saturday night just to go drinking with his friends. Less is more sometimes and dressing to impress doesn’t always mean flashy. Sometimes just classic, muted and subtle goes a long way.

  4. You can perhaps have a series of posts discussing the importance of a good fit in suits, (part 1), shirts (part 2), and pants (part 3), and how fit really trumps everything else. The truth is that most people, even if they go to a nice store in the mall to buy a suit, they are often duped by the sales people into buying oversized, ill-fitting clothes. If you’re a beginner, are you going to go with your (non-existent) instinct or with the sales associate who has sold thousands of suits in his lifetime? Basically, they don’t know what they should be looking for. You could explain, using pictures and examples, of what makes a good (and more importantly, bad) fit. A lot of my friends and family are getting into dressing up, and it would be great to have a handy visual guide of sorts to help them understand how clothes should fit. So much easier to link them to a blog post than talking to them for hours!

    • I think this is an absolutely fantastic idea Stringer Bell! This is definitely something I am going to write about in the near future! I’m glad you brought this to my and other readers attention, because, yes, each person’s perception of what defines a well-fitted suit can really vary from person to person. A general guideline would be very useful for people. Thank you for your input, and please keep the suggestions rolling! Much appreciated.

  5. My vote is still for socks. Right now the BIG thing for guys in NY is to wear brightly colored/patterned socks with their very conservative suits or outfits.

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