Eye of the Tiger

“Winning Fixes Everything”

Conceited.  Arrogant. Obnoxious.  No, we’re not talking about Kim Kardashian.  Or Paris Hilton for that matter. He certainly does not embody what this misnomer of a title represented in the Rocky franchise heyday.  Where passion, humility and dedication trumped adversity of the highest order.  Tiger Woods.  You have stepped so far into arrogant territory, that humility seems as distant as neverland.  Or Middle Earth.  Heck, I have a greater chance of finding that in New York.

Attitude is great when it breeds confidence.  Not when you have it in such spades that arrogance and disregard for your peers becomes as prevalent as New York subway stench.

Want to be a gentleman.  Want to be treated like one?  Act like one.  I couldn’t care less if Tiger is to Polo’s what Beckham is to the fabled Euro-hawk.  If you can’t act like an ambassador, don’t dress like one.

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