Month: April 2013

The Ace of Spades

A visit to the right tailor should pave the path to being dressed like royalty. But to be dressed like a King, you need to have an Ace up your sleeves. With that said, here is an outline of how… Read More ›

Timeless pieces

The necktie is a vehicle of expression, a status symbol and a statement of masculinity, all at once.  While men have started to become more expressive with their clothing in the casual wear arena, and their attention to detail with… Read More ›

Combing through Cotton

Whether you are buying your shirts off the rack or going the bespoke route, cotton is undoubtedly the fabric of choice when it comes to shirt manufacturing. So, what makes cotton so popular? Cotton fibers are highly porous, which makes… Read More ›

And the winner is…..

I would like to thank everyone for their input both through the blog and my twitter account regarding suggestions for content!  And the winner for the Brooks Brothers $50 gift card giveaway is Stringer Bell!  Thank you for your detailed… Read More ›


So…I have tried to share my knowledge on what suit / shirt / tie combinations you could potentially mix and match with your wardrobe.  Now let’s take a look at a few celebrities who have completely got it wrong!  I… Read More ›

Socker Punch

How awesome would it be if we lived in a world where it was considered fashionable to don the perfect suit, top it off with a beautiful tie, and finish it off like this: I mean – seriously awesome.  You… Read More ›

Hubby and Spoke

There comes a stage in every man’s life when he decides to embrace the bespoke suit: The concept is genius, the execution – often delightful and tasteful all at once, the purchasing process – smooth – except when it comes… Read More ›

Oppa Gingham Style!

While the steady popularity in both the vintage and modern sense of Gingham pales in comparison to the rocket like surge of its doppleganger name, Gingham style shirts nonetheless continue to be a popular item of choice for the modern… Read More ›


Customizing your suit should not come with any caveats.  There are no limitations with a bespoke suit.  Get it done well, and get it done right.  A hallmark of a bespoke suit is the quality of fabrics that are often… Read More ›

Eye of the Tiger

“Winning Fixes Everything” Conceited.  Arrogant. Obnoxious.  No, we’re not talking about Kim Kardashian.  Or Paris Hilton for that matter. He certainly does not embody what this misnomer of a title represented in the Rocky franchise heyday.  Where passion, humility and… Read More ›

Cravats untied

While some men out there adore wearing suits as a fashion statement, there are some of us that simply wear it because we need to, for work, and as an extension of that, view the tie that we wear as… Read More ›