Sporting the Pink Panther Spirit

Come on guys.  Drop your preconceived notions.  Embrace the art of manliness.  Become aligned with your manhood.  Wear Pink.  Period.  In an age where the preferred colors of blue, grey and black are about as predictable as London rain and New York brashness, pink has finally come to the forefront of many a man’s wardrobe.  Men have become bolder.  Our fashion revolution is here.  From our choice of accessories having expanded to bracelets and scarves, to arrays of colors having been stretched to lilac and pink, we are ready to express our personalities through fashion.  Function is utilitarian.  Fashion is a statement.

Need inspiration?  Look no further…you have come to the right blog…..drum roll please!


Ok, if you don’t agree with my sense of humor, I’m not going to apologize on that count.  So, lets try again:


For you English readers out there, this would be considered strike two!  Not exactly the exemplary standard of integrity we are all looking up to.  Ok, final shot:


PERFECT!  If Batman can don it, with his jacket spread wide open, almost as if to say “I might be Batman, but I DO love pink”, then you can adopt the revolution without hesitation!  Enjoy the ride gentlemen.

Check out some of our favorite Pink Ties at The Dark Knot

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