Fleshing out the skinny tie

For those of us that have Euro-Bodies – slim, skinny and lean (sometimes), skinny ties have become a popular choice for accessorizing our wardrobes, especially for informal occasions.


Skinny Tie

For those of you who haven’t watched Looper, watch it!  It’s a fantastic movie that meshes sci-fi, drama, plot and character development with such seamless ease you almost forget which genre of movie you are watching.  For those of you that have watched it, there is a scene in which Bruce Willis mocks Joseph-Gordon Levitt on his cravat and how humans need to evolve with their dress sense.  While I thought this was hilarious, I want the picture below to illustrate just how good a skinny tie can look on those of you that are slimmer.  The reason a skinny tie will not work on broader shouldered guys is that it just looks disproportionate.

Now, on the other hand, if we threw a skinny tie on Magic Johnson or Arnold Schwarzenegger, I think it would look quite comical.  Love both of those guys, but I highly doubt they would be able to don a skinny tie – you get the point!

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