Month: March 2013

Tailor Muffed

As much as I avoid clichés, I can’t here.  Finding the right tailor is truly like searching for a needle in a haystack.  A bespoke tailor, by trade, is supposed to be an individual that treats his product with compassion,… Read More ›

The art of fabrication

Ever walk into a bespoke tailor appointment to hand pick some shirt swatches and get completely overwhelmed?  Or click on that website link everyone’s been raving about for weeks, only to find that you are utterly oblivious to the terminology… Read More ›

Sporting the Pink Panther Spirit

Come on guys.  Drop your preconceived notions.  Embrace the art of manliness.  Become aligned with your manhood.  Wear Pink.  Period.  In an age where the preferred colors of blue, grey and black are about as predictable as London rain and… Read More ›

Fleshing out the skinny tie

For those of us that have Euro-Bodies – slim, skinny and lean (sometimes), skinny ties have become a popular choice for accessorizing our wardrobes, especially for informal occasions. For those of you who haven’t watched Looper, watch it!  It’s a… Read More ›

Bespoke Unclothed

Before we begin with the hoopla surrounding the notion of bespoke clothing, lets delve into the unanswered – Where did the term ‘bespoke’ come from?  The term was first used to indicate that an item of clothing had been ‘spoken’… Read More ›