Planting a tree in the web blog jungle

Sifting through the labyrinth of online men’s fashion blogs, I was often drawn in by blogs with supreme content. Despite this, what I often found was blogs that were extremely niche in content, and lacked personal touch and a sense of humor. The age of men’s grooming and dressing well has truly arrived with a bang. With a greater and ever increasing availability of online men’s retail options, and a net that has been widely cast to increase men’s awareness of the overall retailing experience, I believe that it is important to communicate these ideas effectively, with content that can be both informative, humorous, and most importantly, engaging so as to draw in a community of readers and foster healthy and above all, fun discussion.

Style, after all, is individualistic, and while we may have rules of thumb that we follow in retail just as we abide by general blueprints in other aspects of our lives, I feel it is imperative that we engage each other in a manner that is healthy and that can foster and nurture our own individual tastes.

SuitUpDressUp was conceived to engage a readerbase interested in developing their formalwear attire. From discussing the benefits of bespoke clothing, picking shirts that match your personality and suit, to diffusing preconceived notions about appropriate shoe and socks colors and what necktie to wear with that perfect tailor made suit, we are here to bring you content that is both enjoyable and informative. But more than that, we want your feedback. We want your views. We want to build a community of men’s wear enthusiasts.

Having grown up and now residing in Asia after 10 fantastic years in the Midwest and on the East Coast, I really believe that I can bring a unique view to the world of men’s formalwear and fashion. With family background interests vested in textiles and bespoke tailoring, and above all else, a genuine interest in men’s formal fashion, I am truly excited about sharing this blog with a userbase that is on the same page as I am.

I look forward to interacting with all of you!

Rish C

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